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E&D Vietnam Co. Ltd., was established in 2005 that is a pioneering company in providing solutions in the field of education and training. Especially, our partners are the world’s leading educational organizations such as: DynEd and Discovery Education

Pioneering company

E&D Vietnam is one of leading companies in Vietnam cooperating with international educational organizations in order to bring effective educational programs, advanced learning and teaching solutions to Vietnamese students.


The educational programs that E&D Vietnam are distributing are used and appreciated globally by more than 75 nations over the world. These programs have won several international awards and honours for the best software, the best learning and teaching solutions…


The learning programs and sofwares that E&D Vietnam are providing bring several advantages such as: study-offline mode without internet connection, placement test to adjust automatically learning contents, voice record and speech recognition…


Over the past 15 years, E&D Vietnam has always been a priority choice of educational institutions in Vietnam. So far, our company has cooperated with more than 200 education units from primary school to university level in almost big cities in Vietnam..

Learning English with DynEd

DynEd is one of the best effective solution for learning English. DynEd has spread extensively in more than 75 nations over the world. Indeed, DynEd has achieved more than 50 awards and honours from international magazines and organizations. DynEd has been voted to be the best English curriculum by European and Asian education systems.

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Learning Math & Science

By adding real–world context to the concepts paired with diverse subjects and a huge amount of learning resources, Math & Science curriculums of Discovery Education are used by many countries in the world.

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Learning STEM

Nowadays, due to an increase in social issues and competitiveness of labour maket, many countries around the world are making great efforts to reform educational system which supports students to accummulate effectively knowledge and acquire more soft skills. STEM course of Discovery Education will support students to gain valuable knowledge associated with crititcal-thinking and solution – seeking skills for life.

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Learning Coding

Thanks to Coding course of Discovery Education, many students in the world find it efficient to gain a secure understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables, and variables, and develop critical computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning, and imaginative problem-solving.

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Our Parthers

Trường Tiểu Học Ái Mộ Đại Học Sư Phạm Hà Nội Tiểu học Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Tiểu học Hùng Vương Tiểu học Lý Thường Kiệt Tiểu học Ngô Gia Tự Lương đình của Tiểu học Nguyễn Huệ Tiểu học Kết Đoàn Lê Ngọc Hân Tiểu học Phan Đình Phùng Trần Quốc Thảo Đại học Ngoại ngữ Đà Nẵng