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E&D Vietnam is one of the first enterprises in Vietnam to co-operate with the world's leading educational institutions: DynEd and Discovery Education to bring students & educators various progressive learning programs, effective teaching methods and keep pace with the latest trends of the century.

Initial challenges

Since 2005, when Vietnam’s education system has not been developed, the teaching and learning English process at schools have not been really effective. Students learn English ​​from the foundation at Primary level but even when they are up to Secondary level, most of them still do not pronounce words correctly and cannot communicate basically. The school's facilities are still rudimentary and cannot fully meet the teaching and learning conditions.

Pioneer enterprise

At that time, E&D Vietnam was a pioneer in the field of education. E&D Vietnam has decided to be a bridge between the leading education group in the US and Vietnam education to provide DynEd English learning software to schools. The lack of facilities in the schools & the lack of information technology access towards students and teachers have created many difficulties for E&D Vietnam right from the beginning of bringing DynEd into schools.

However, with a belief and a will to innovate educational methods for the young generation of Vietnam, E&D Vietnam is constantly trying our best. The computer, which was previously unfamiliar to students and teachers, has been a common tool since E&D Vietnam provided modern equipment to schools.

Lessons have become more exciting than ever. Smiles not only appear on the faces of the students but also their teachers. E&D Vietnam regularly organizes teacher training classes to allow them to approach a completely new and effective teaching method. DynEd's Record Manager software enables teachers to check and assess student learning process. From there, teachers can supplement the lack of knowledge for students or adjust their learning method more appropriately.


Because of the enthusiasm for Vietnam's educational innovation and the future of students, E&D Vietnam has received the trust of the Departments of Education and Training and various primary schools, secondary schools, high schools across the country. If in 2005, there’re only a few schools in Hanoi have access to DynEd; at the present, DynEd has reached more than 200 schools in all provinces and cities across the country. E&D Vietnam regularly receives certificates of merit from the Ministry of Education & Training, the Department of Education & Training for our dedication to an innovative, modern and effective education.

Nonstop effort

All the achievements E&D Vietnam has got so far are partly our motivation, partly the pressure for us to constantly move forward and be worthy of being one of the pioneers in Vietnam education.

E&D Vietnam has worked with Discovery Education (one of the world's leading educational company) to be able to provide Vietnam education with entirely new learning programs (Coding, STEM, Maths and Science), which help us keeping pace with latest trends, and meeting a resource of knowledgeable, skilled, and highly qualified employees in the future.

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