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Industrial Revolution 4.0 is posing many challenges to countries around the world, especially a developing country like Vietnam. Many people mistakenly believe that Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the convergence of four elements in a comprehensive innovation but actually, it is the number representing the Fourth Revolution of the world.

The 1st industrial revolution used water and steam energy in production activities. The 2nd revolution took place thanks to the use of electricity for mass production. The 3rd revolution used electronics and information technology to automate production. So far, the 4th industrial revolution is posing a challenge for all countries in the world to combine all developed technologies from the 3 revolutions together, blurring the boundaries between physics, digital and biological.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 to Vietnam education

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has posed a challenge to all activities and sectors in the economy. Production, supply chains, sales, services, and even day-to-day operations must change to meet a new era of globalization. In particular, educational innovation is considered a core issue for a nation to keep pace with the 4.0 era.

E&D Vietnam and the education revolution

Recognizing the importance of educational innovation to meet the world's trend, E&D Vietnam has partnered with the US DynEd Group to bring Vietnam education a completely new method of learning English. 

DynEd software is the perfect combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to bring students a much more modern and effective method of learning English compared to the old one.

New users start using DynEd will have to take a test and then the computer system will automatically unlock the course in accordance with their current ability.

Only with one smartphone, tablet, or laptop, students can log in and use DynEd software at any time, any place. Even when the Internet cannot access, the results on the account will still be stored and updated to the server later.

DynEd using Artificial Intelligence (AI) will assess how its user pronounces a word or sentence in English. If the user makes a mistake, the system will automatically evaluate and can ask the user to pronounce that word again. According to Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung - Former Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Education and Training - Senior expert of National Foreign Language Project 2020: “Through DynEd, students can correct their pronunciation and speak English correctly with the right rhythm & the correct phonetic. This is an advantage of DynEd software that none of the others we appraised for the National Foreign Language Project 2020 has met this requirement.”

DynEd also has a Record Manager function that meets the current E-learning trend, supporting teachers and parents to monitor students' learning. Thereby, they can see the development in the learning process of students and teachers can also provide timely support to students at need.

International awards

The contribution of DynEd software for the teaching and learning English process in a global context is moving towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which has received a lot of positive responses from users and social community. Therefore, in addition to being considered as the technology leader in teaching English, DynEd has won many noble awards for excellent educational software.

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