English curriculum for Workers

English plays an integral role of working environment. English widens more opportunities for promotions and relationships with others. However, due to various reasons such as: lack of time and effective learning methods...learners find it difficult to absorb English knowledge. English course for workers of DynEd is regards as reasonable choice due to: 

  • Enable to study anytime, anywhere
  • Knowledge is designed practically in several working contexts such as: presentation, products description 
  • Consolidating and enhancing vocabulary in several working contexts with different types of jobs. 
  • Improving spelling and speaking skills 
  • Rasing confidence to talk, interview, present and discuss in working environment. 

This curriculum includes 3 course:

New Dynamic English


  • Multi-modal, Iconic Approach
  • Voice Record and Speech Recognition Exercises
  • Listening Comprehension & Grammar- based Exercises
  • Hierarchical Scope and Sequence
  • ...
Dynamic Business English


  • Meet the English requirements for jobs 
  • Practice presentation skills by English 
  • Practice speaking skill and fluency 
  • Placement and Mastery test 
  • Ensure fully knowledge for internatinal exams 
  • ...
Functioning in Business


  • Video Presentations of Business Situations
  • Providing knowledge to deal with a range of common business situations
  • Speech recognition and voice record to improve oral fluency
  • Interactive Comprehension and Speaking Exercises