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Company Introduction

First and foremost, E&D Vietnam Co., Ltd hereby sends our wishes for good health, success and the most sincere thanks for the customers who has been interested in,  cooperated and companied to E&D Vietnam.

History of establishment

E&D Vietnam Co., Ltd was established in 2005, which is the pioneer in exclusively distributing international learning curriculum in Vietnam ranging from Primary to University levels and other specialties. The company is specialized in providing education and training solutions for educational institutions in the National Education system. The company is proud to be the strategic partner of the Ministry of Education and Training and the companion with millions of students over the past years.


The national education system still encounters many difficulties and challenges when teachers and students have not yet reached the 100% standard and have not had many opportunities to access modern technology and learning methods. Therefore, E&D Vietnam pursues a mission to update and support the development of Vietnamese education, creating opportunities for students and teachers to access advanced education methods. the most advanced in the world, consequently helping them accumulate fully their knowledge and build logical thinking quickly to apply into practice effectively.

E&D Vietnam is always aware of the value that the company spreads to the community and society. Every year, the company always offers scholarships and free training for thousands of poor students, children of war invalids and martyrs. E&D Vietnam regularly organizescharitable trips to remote areas of the country where the learning conditions of students are still poor, lackof opportunities toaccess to new teaching methods. Thereby E&D Vietnam wants to light up and spread the message "For a bright future for students from all over the country".


E&D Vietnam will strive to become one of the leading companies providing effective, modern education solutions, meeting the global trend for Vietnamese education. E&D Vietnam always makes great efforts to select appropriate programs of leading education companies in the world such as American DynEd Group and Discovery Education Group ... to provide optimal learning solutions. The company has always been a companion of Vietnam Education to share difficulties and overcome challenges before the strong transformation of global education.

Core values

E& D Vietnam over the years has been developing with its core values that arecondensed by: Objectives - Efforts - Responsibilities - Breakthroughs:

  1. Objectives: AsAlways for a bright future for students in particular and for Vietnam education in general,  the company always has breakthroughs in its development strategy to bring novel and efficientfullyeducation methods to Vietnamese education, capture the international trend and ensure the quality of knowledge for students. E&D Vietnam always accompanies Vietnamese education in every step to enter the 4.0 era sustainably.
  2. Effort: To eliminate the old thinking and bring new teaching methods, it is the daily struggle and effort, not because of the barriers that affect its beautiful mission. . Since its establishment in 2005, only two schools have been able to access E&D Vietnam's curriculum but so far the company has accompanied with more than 200 schools and many other educationalunitsin Vietnam. The effort is always determined to experience and to fulfill the future mission.
  3. Responsibilities: Recognizing the impact on the education of the country in general and students in particular, E&D Vietnam always upholds the sense of responsibility for each student, each school, from the smallest jobs. With the small capacity and dedication to Vietnamese education, the Company has received the certificates of merit from the Ministry of Education and Training, the Departments of Education and Training, and the schools duetotheirpositivecontributionover the years.
  4. Breakthrough: E&D Vietnam is always at the forefront of applying updated international textbooks and respecting to innovate educational methods. Taking shortcuts, anticipating, saving time and efficiency is always a success in the breakthrough long steps, opening a new picture for Vietnam Education boldly entering the digital era in a sustainable way.