English curriculum for Beginners

When a person start to learn English, they always ask themselve and people around that "where should they start to study?" and "How can they learn effectively?". With English course of DynEd for starters, learners realize thier improvement after a short period of time because of: 

  • Enhancing grammar and structual sentence 
  • Increasing vocabulary related to diverse topic in real life 
  • Improving spelling and speaking skills 
  • Using English actively in several contexts 
  • Being confidence and fluency to present and communicate via English 

This curriculum includes 3 course:

First English

Ages: 9 years old +


  • Well-designed scope and sequence aids "bootstrapping"
  • Interactive features such as Voice Record and Playback
  • 4-Skills sequencing: Listening, Speaking, Readingand Writing
  • Glossary and Help screens
New Dynamic English


  • Multi-modal, Iconic Approach
  • Voice Record and Speech Recognition Exercises
  • Listening Comprehension & Grammar- based Exercises
  • Hierarchical Scope and Sequence
  • Improving deeply knowledge in the preparation for national English exams or job interview
  • ...
English by The Numbers


  • Listening Comprehension Exercises
  • Make presentations involving numbers and graphs
  • learn to ask and answer questions about quantitative relationships.
  • Topics include energy, health, safety, and job issues.
  • Voice Record and Playback
  • MasteryTests