First English

Ages: 9 years old +


  • Neuro scientific approach to language learning
  • A variety of coordinated lessons and exercises
  • Well-designed scope and sequence aids "bootstrapping"
  • Interactive features such as Voice Record and Playback
  • Content adjusts according to student performance
  • 4-Skills sequencing: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Glossary and Help screens
  • PlacementandMasteryTests


First English starts at the beginning and systematically helps students comprehend, practice, internalize and build the basic framework of English necessary for long-term success. DynEd's innovative use of visuals and comprehension exercises engage the learner in ways that a text-based approach cannot.

Based on neuroscientific research, First English builds listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills in an effective sequence that takes advantage of the learning synergies between each skill.

First English course supports efficient language learning by providing:

  • A variety of coordinated lessons and exercises to keep students engaged
  • Interactive features such as Voice Record/Playback to promote language mastery and oral fluency
  • Content that automatically adjusts to student performance
  • Optimized skill sequencing, beginning with listening and following the "4-Skills Path"
  • Multilingual Glossary and Help Menus

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  • Make presentations involving numbers and graphs
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  • Voice Record and Playback
  • MasteryTests
New Dynamic English


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  • Listening Comprehension & Grammar- based Exercises
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