English curriculum for Secondary school students

Secondary school students have to gain English skills in order to apply for Top University and prepare for future jobs. English course for Secondary school students will widen more opportunities for them in the future due to: 

  • DynEd curriculum supports for national curriculum in Vietnam. It helps students to consolidate and develop knowledge. 
  • Provide diverse topics and cover all sujects such as: Physic, Math, Science, Geography, Chemistry, raise students' awareness and improve knowledge to study abroad.
  • Improve knowledge to support students in order to fully prepare for international exams such as: IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL...
  • Studetnts with DynEd certification will gain several benefits when they apply for Secondary and Higher schools in United State such as: Florida Memorial University, Lewis - Clark State College, Middle Tennessee State University, ST.Thomas Univeristy...

This curriculum includes 3 course:

First English

Ages: 9 years old +


  • Well-designed scope and sequence aids "bootstrapping"
  • Interactive features such as Voice Record and Playback
  • 4-Skills sequencing: Listening, Speaking, Readingand Writing
  • Glossary and Help screens
English For Success

Ages: 11-17 years old


  • School subjects and school situations
  • New topics: History, Economics, Geography, Chemistry, Math, Sciences and Society...
  • Voice Record and Speech Recognition
  • Neuro scientific approach to language learning
  • Adjust contents to student performance
  • Award-winningRecordsManager
Reading For Success

Ages: 11 years old +


  • 20 course units
  • Challenge learners as text length and difficulty increases throughout the course
  • Speech recognition exercises help students develop their oral reading skills
  • Diverse topics including several practical experience in lifetime