English curriculum for University Students

Beside accumulating specilaized knowledge, students at university always make great efforts to enhance their English skills to widen more opportunities for future jobs. DynEd is regarded as a supportive tool to facilitate language acquistion. DynEd is used internationally and domestically by millions students due to: 

  • DynEd is designed focusing on proffesional and soft skills for students after graduating such as: recruitment, presentation, communication and discussion skills.
  • Having interactive tool to identify speech and assess spelling. 
  • Accumulating vocabulary, raising confidence and English fluency.
  • DynEd and DynEd's partners are authorizied certificates (CEFR standard) to qualified students who complete a series of courses and test. 
  • Ensuring higher knowledge for international English exams such as: TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL...

This curriculum includes 3 course:

New Dynamic English


  • Multi-modal, Iconic Approach
  • Voice Record and Speech Recognition Exercises
  • Listening Comprehension & Grammar- based Exercises
  • Hierarchical Scope and Sequence
  • ...
English by The Numbers


  • Listening Comprehension Exercises
  • Voice Record and Playback
  • Topics include energy, health, safety, and job issues.
  • MasteryTests
  • ...
Test Mountain


  • The course is designed to help students prepare TOEIC and similiar tests.
  • It contains over a thousand TOEIC like questions, including the text for listening questions and explanations for reading questions 
  • The course is designed in the form of a game