New Dynamic English


  • Multi-modal, Iconic Approach
  • Voice Record and Speech Recognition Exercises
  • Listening Comprehension & Grammar- based Exercises
  • Hierarchical Scope and Sequence
  • Improving deeply knowledge in the preparation for national English exams or job interview


This research-based course is the quickest way to develop effective communication skills in English. With daily practice, students develop:

  • Pronunciation and Oral Fluency

  • ListeningandReadingComprehension

  • Sentence Structure and Effective Sequencing of Ideas

  • Oral Presentation and Summarization skills

  • Ability to express abstract ideas and relationships

Using a well-designed scope and sequence, superb quality video, animated graphics, and advanced Speech Recognition technologies, this award- winning course provides sophisticated, highly motivating listening and speaking activities that facilitate long-term learning. Each module of New Dynamic English provides 15-30 hours of study, and is designed for easy classroom extension and personalization activities.

The program includes detailed record keeping, testing, and a powerful learning sequence that reduces learning time. The content automatically adjusts based on learner performance, and the study path for each student or class can be customized by DynEd's award-winning Records Manager.

Content Summary:

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English by The Numbers


  • Listening Comprehension Exercises
  • Make presentations involving numbers and graphs
  • learn to ask and answer questions about quantitative relationships.
  • Topics include energy, health, safety, and job issues.
  • Voice Record and Playback
  • MasteryTests
First English

Ages: 9 years old +


  • Well-designed scope and sequence aids "bootstrapping"
  • Interactive features such as Voice Record and Playback
  • 4-Skills sequencing: Listening, Speaking, Readingand Writing
  • Glossary and Help screens