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The programs we offer have been tested and trusted by more than 75 countries, winning major awards at scientific and educational conferences around the world.

Currently, there are many different English learning software, but DynEd is always one of the first choices of English learners in the world. With more than 30 years of experience in developing educational solutions, DynEd software of the US DynEd Corporation has been trusted by more than 25 million people in 75 countries around the world. DynEd also won nearly 50 awards for the best software, the most effective learning software ... awarded by international organizations.

Outstanding quality of the product

DynEd receives many great achievements so far because of the superior quality that DynEd brings compared to other English learning software.

DynEd software has a seamless curriculum from Primary to University level and even for workers. Therefore, DynEd can accompany learners over time with each appropriate level. Moreover, DynEd also has outstanding features such as: can be used both online and offline, special voice recognition ...

DynEd's Record Manager is all-new learning software that no other English learning program has. Record Manager records in detail students' learning process: class time, partial score, pronouncing improvement ... Thereby it not only helps learners to self-assess the learning progress but also helps teachers and parents to monitor and support their children. According to Mrs. Dao Thi Thu Nga - Lecturer of English Department – Master of Hanoi University of Business and Technology: “Record Manager management software helps to manage students' learning in detail, bringing the most correct evaluation, timely support from teachers and increasing the connection between teachers and learners in the learning process ”.

Master Dao Thi Thu Nga - Lecturer of English Department - Hanoi University of Business and Technology

Outstanding quality of the output

With new and outstanding English learning software such as DynEd, it is natural for students to make significant progress. After studying DynEd English software, students abandon the habit of learning English passively. They seem to be more active and have a more natural reflex/reaction when communicating or taking English tests. Moreover, students gradually pronounce and have the same intonation as native speakers. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Van Hoa - Former Dean of the International Training School of Foreign Languages, University of Danang - Rector of Danang University of Foreign Languages, said at the 10th anniversary of E&D Vietnam: “After only 6 months of studying DynEd, up to 78% of students increase their score compared to the English entry level score ”.

Assoc. Dr. Phan Van Hoa - Former Rector of Da Nang Foreign Language University

Accredited by many schools in the USA

If the user completes all the programs after each course and passes the exams, the user will be certified by the US DynEd. Certificate of American DynEd has equivalent value with CEFR (European framework). With DynEd certification, users will be considered for admission to some high schools or universities in the US such as Florida Memorial University, Lewis - Clark State College, Middle Tennessee State University, ST. Thomas University ... or get an English score for those schools.

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